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Miss Spider
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Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Lives In: Hollow Tree
Species: Spider
Brother(s): Asparagus
Mother: Betty Beetle
Husband: Holley
Children: Squirt
Friends: Mr. Mantis
Poison Ivy
Nemesis: Mama Snake
Mama Hen
Baby Snake
Production Info
Portrayed by: Brooke Shields (TV movie)
Kristin Davis (series)
First Appearance: Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids
Last Appearance: Cob Fog

Miss Flora Spider is a main character in Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends. She is a sunshine yellow-colored spider.


Miss Spider is the loving, considerate mother of the eight children: five spiders, a jewel beetle, a dragonfly, and a bedbug. She often teaches her kids life lessons after they have made mistakes. Miss Spider is also very aware of her children's feelings. Despite being the titular character of the series, she rarely assumes the role of the protagonist and is absent for several episodes. Description

"Miss Spider is the quintessential mom: warm-hearted, open, and extremely generous. Instead of eating other insects like most Spiders, she chooses to carefully prepare vegetarian meals for her family. For Miss Spider, motherhood is serious business. She diligently tries to administer the right balance of discipline and care to her kids. Knowing firsthand how powerful and transforming the gift of kindness can be, she shares this gift with both her natural and adopted children as well as all those around her."


  • Brazilian Portuguese: Miss Spider
  • Castilian Spanish: Miss Spider
  • European Portuguese: Mãe Aranha
  • French: Miss Spider
  • German: Miss Spider
  • Italian: Miss Spider
  • Latin American Spanish: Miss Spider

International voice actors

  • Brazilian Portuguese: Mabel Cezar
  • Castilian Spanish:
  • European Portuguese: Micaela Ferreira (Santa Claus), Susana Arrais (Via Satélite)
  • French: Nathalie Hons
  • German:
  • Italian: Sabrina Duranti
  • Latin American Spanish: Yensi Rivero


Miss Spider is mostly a sunshine yellow color. She has eight green legs, four of which are primarily used as arms. She also has two green eyes with blue-black pupils and red hair. On her back is a black diamond pattern. She also has freckles on the middle of her face.


Miss Spider appears in nearly every episode of the series. She first appeared in the pilot movie, Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids. Her first official appearance was in the series premiere, I'll Fly Away, and her last appearance was in the series finale, Cob Fog. She is absent in several episodes; her first absence is in Giddy Up Bug and her final absence is in Master Mantis.


  • Miss Spider is the only main character whose voice actor was changed. She was voiced by Brooke Shields in Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids and by Kristin Davis for the rest of the show. The same actors provide the voices for Squirt, Shimmer, Dragon and Bounce (the other major characters) throughout the entire series.
  • Her first name is Flora according to Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids.
  • In the original book, she had many brothers and sisters. However, in flashback episodes and the flashback scene of Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids, she's all alone.
  • She likes classical music.