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Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

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Children's television series
Country of origin
Original channel
Teletoon, Treehouse TV
Original run
September 7, 2004 - June 19, 2007

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends is a Canadian children's television series created by David Kirk. The series airs on Treehouse TV in Canada, Nick Jr. in the United States, and on Discovery Kids in Brazil.


The series is set in "Sunny Patch" (a miniature town made of common forest items), populated by anthropomorphic bugs, and primarily centers around the Spider family.

The episodes follow the children's adventures in Sunny Patch as they learn life lessons, such as being kind to others, being imaginative, having responsibilities, and being curious about the world around them.


Main cast

Supporting cast


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The series focuses on five major characters: Miss Spider, Squirt (who often assumes the role of a protagonist), Shimmer, Dragon and Bounce. The show's recurring cast consists of the main characters' immediate family members, as well as antagonists Spiderus, Ned and Ted.


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The series ran from 2004 until 2007. The TV movie Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids from 2003 acted as the show's pilot. 84 segments had been produced at the time of the show's cancellation (mostly eleven-minute segments, in addition to several double-length specials). Most sources (such as Amazon Instant Video and Treehouse's YouTube channel) state that the series ran for three seasons, though the second and third seasons are occasionally condensed into a single season.


Every episode of the series aired on Teletoon (during its weekday morning block) and on Treehouse TV in Canada. In the United States, the show's first two seasons were broadcast entirely on Nickelodeon during the Nick Jr. block. Its third season was aired partly on Nickelodeon, before being "burned off" to its sister channel Noggin (on which the remaining episodes premiered). All three seasons aired on Discovery Kids in Latin America.