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Not to be confused with Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends, the TV series of a similar name.

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids

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March 31, 2003
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Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids is the first television movie that acted as the pilot episode for Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends.

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Squirt tries to find an abandoned egg's mother, along with the help of his new orphan friends Shimmer, Dragon and Bounce.


Miss Spider has been living happily with her new husband Holley, but becomes nervous when she hatches five eggs on the same day. She worries about becoming a mother (for her own mother abandoned her when she hatched), but her foster mother calms her down. When five spiderlings hatch from the eggs (Squirt, Spinner, Snowdrop, Pansy and Wiggle), the family becomes overjoyed. Years pass and as the spider kids grow up, the family finds an egg and starts to decorate it. Thinking its mother is looking for it, Squirt decides to return it to the Snakey Woods (where he believes it is from). While going through the forest, he comes across three bandits: Shimmer the jewel beetle, Dragon the dragonfly, and Bounce the bedbug. When the young spider explains that he is looking for the egg's mother, Bounce reveals that they do not have parents, either. Dragon explains that they are "still looking for them." Shimmer decides that they should tag along and help Squirt. Suddenly, Spiderus, a vicious spider who was jealous after Miss Spider chose Holley over him, arrives and tries take the egg. Luckily, the kids manage to scare him away.

Meanwhile, Miss Spider has discovered that Squirt is missing and fears for the worst. She and Holley decide to go find him. With the help of Spiderus, they find out where Squirt is. Snow starts to fall, and the kids find a stinkbug named Stinky in his home and take shelter there until morning. By the time the kids leave, the three adult spiders arrive, and Spiderus meets a female spider named Spindella (whom he falls in love with). The kids arrive at a barn, where a hen, revealed to be the mother of the egg, attacks. Just as Squirt is about be eaten, Miss Spider and Holley arrive and save him. The egg hatches and is reunited with its mother. Squirt introduces his new friends to his parents. Miss Spider decides to adopt them, since they were orphans and eight is a perfect number for their family. They are all overjoyed and return home. As all of the children sleep, Miss Spider knows that it does not matter what species bugs are. All that matters is that they are all family. When morning comes, Squirt is thought to be missing again, but he is soon found web surfing outside. The other kids wake up and run outside to play. As the adults look outside, they all join in the fun as they shout out "Bugs away!" The show ends and the credits play.


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  • Ned and Ted did not have names at the time of the pilot's production. They are credited as "Ant 1" and "Ant 2."
  • Dragon's design is changed for the series. In this episode, he has dark blue eyes with green pupils, but in the show, he has light blue eyes with dark blue pupils.
  • Like Dragon, Spiderus' design is altered for the series. In this episode, he has sharp teeth, but he does not have teeth in the show.