Sunny Patch Spinner

Hollow Tree
Speaking voice
Austin Di Iulio (Season 1)
Cameron Ansell (Season 2)
First appearance
Last appearance

Spinner is a supporting character in Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends, a yellow-coloured spider.


Spinner is very much like his sister, Snowdrop, and his father, Holley. Like them, he is always calm and rational. He also takes interest in music, specifically the "bugpipes," (he is very good at playing them). Description

"Spinner looks and acts just like his dad Holley. He's innately calm, and most of the time, very levelheaded. He may only be six, but his analytical nature allows him to digest situations and give palatable explanations to his brothers and sisters. Like his dad, Spinner is musically talented. He can accompany Holley on his fiddle. Although Spinner is a serious and introspective kid, he also has a thrill-seeking side to him and loves to spin on his thread till he gets dizzy."


Spinner is mostly yellow. He has a large nose and a spike of red hair on the top of his head. Spinner wears a pair of brown circular eyeglasses and three buttons on his thorax (similar to a button-down shirt). His green eyes are the smallest of any spider character.


Spinner appears in many episodes of the series. He first appeared in the TV movie, Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids. His first official appearance was in the series' premiere, I'll Fly Away, and his last appearance was in the series finale, Cob Fog.