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Unnamed stock characters, such as beetles and a caterpillar.

The Sunny Patch Residents are minor characters in the Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends television series. They often appear in the backgrounds of episodes and occasionally interact with the main and recurring characters. They are from the fields of Sunny Patch.


Stinky's family

  • Whiffy - Stinky's sister who comes from a different forest than the major characters. She is currently living with Stinky and Grace.
  • Grace - An orange-shelled Asian lady beetle, who was supposed to meet her parents in Sunny Patch. They never returned to her and was adopted by Stinky and his sister Whiffy.

Spiderus' family

  • Spindella (Kristina Nicoll) - Spiderus' wife, a red-pink spider. In a sense, Spindella is a foil to Spiderus; she is much friendlier and pleased of Squirt and friends (She also hugged three of Miss Spider and Holley's kids in two episodes; She hugged Dragon, Squirt and Wiggle in The Listening Walk, and she hugged and kissed Bounce, Dragon and Shimmer in Happy Heartwood Day). Spindella revealed that she was pregnant at the end of the special episode "Be Good to Bugs...and Frogs." Her spiderlings were hatched in the episode "Lulla-Bug".
  • Mandrake - Spiderus and Spindella's son. Looks like a small, pudgy version of Spiderus and speaks with a British accent.
  • Belladonna - Spiderus and Spindella's daughter, Ivy's twin sister. Her nickname is "Bella".
  • Poison Ivy - Belladonna's twin sister. She’s often referred to as "Ivy."
  • Petal - Spiderus and Spindella's niece, and their kids cousin, who only appears in Best Bug Buddies. She acted as a web surfing rival to Squirt but in the end they become good friends and they web surf into the sunset.


  • Beetrice (Catherine Gallant) - A queen bee who often talks with Miss Spider. She’s the first character to appear in the show's first official episode, I'll Fly Away (in which she is shown along with other honeybees).
  • Honey - Beetrice's daughter, the "princess bee" of the hive.
  • Unnamed honeybees - Other bees who are never given names, occasionally appearing alongside Beetrice.


  • Eunice (Cara Pifko) - an earwig voiced and the mother of Lil Sis and Eddy.
  • Eddy (Ezra Perlman) - A young earwig and Eunice's son.
  • Lil Sis (Tajja Isen) - An earwig and Eunice's daughter.


  • Lily - A ladybug who is Miss Spider's friend and neighbor.
  • Snack (Stephanie Morgenstern) - A young female ladybug and friend to Miss Spider's children.

Other characters

  • Ned and Ted's mother - The mother of Ned and Ted, never seen but mentioned in Bug Your Mom Day.
  • Frank - A firefly who can’t see a thing without his glasses.
  • Sawyer - A female carpenter ant who works as an aphid rancher. She’s responsible for clearing out mushrooms whenever they start to overgrow in Sunny Patch.
  • Grub (Rob Tinkler) - A grub who appears in the backgrounds of episodes, occasionally having a minor speaking role.
  • Pillbug (Robert Smith) - A pillbug who, like the grub, is a frequently-seen stock character. He speaks in a ”duck-like” voice.
  • Aphids - Insects that act similarly to cows.
  • Unnamed residents - Various stock characters who are never named or given speaking roles. Their species vary; some are caterpillars and winged insects like beetles and butterflies.