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"The Mushroom Song" Is A Song From The Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends Episode "Fungus Among Us"


(Music Starts) ♪Bounce: Don't Do It Wiggle! They'll Grow In The Presses They'll Grow And They'll Crack! They Came Through The Doorway Inside Your Backpack!

Wiggle: Come Back Here!

Bounce: The Lower It's Down The Lower It's Dark And Here In The Bedroom They'll Grow From The Bark! (Wiggle Screams) No Brother Big Stops! No Brother Big Domes! Because Of Wiggle, They'll Grow Through Our Home!

Wiggle: Mom! Dad! It's All My Fault!

Bounce: With So Many Spours Too Many To Catch Soon There Will Be Mushrooms Through Sunny Patch!♪

(Music Ends)

Photo From Song

Mushrooms everywhere.PNG